Video #1


Using DSD+, FMP24 and a scan list of the 4 frequencies of the Conway Trunked system. Trx-2 is scanning the same 4 frequencies as conventional, NO delay, RAN set to any, and TGID set to any. I have the control channel programmed in both DSD+ and the TRX-2. This is a 9600 NXDN system.

Both are on the same ST-2 antenna with my 4 port multi coupler. I know NXDN trunking is working for some folks, but, it’s not working for me.

Video# 2

The second vid with voice I was able to get today.

Video #3


Just a short vid of what DSD+  is doing.

Video #4

A short vid of what happens while holding DSD+ and the TRX-2 on the same trunked frequency. The TRX-2 is showing activity, and it does record info, however no audio is heard, no info is shown, and no audio is recorded. It’s been slow today and I didn’t think I would get a vid while holding on a frequency.